Terms and Conditions

Application and Acceptance of the Terms

Elshahbander’s members’ information is one of its top priorities. Elshahbander fully respects the privacy of its members. No information: IP Addresses, Cookies, System Logs, etc., about members, is collected (apart from registration information). Third parties are not permitted to access Elshahbander members’ personal data under any circumstances (except in cases mentioned below in "Information Disclosure").

Disclosure of Information

Elshahbander may publish records of complaints, including penalties, actions, or proceedings, taken against members. Elshahbander further reserves the right to disclose collected information and forward it to any relevant authority whenever Elshahbander believes such disclosure is necessary to identify, contact, or take any legal action against persons who may be infringing or threatening to infringe or who may otherwise be causing injury to or interfering with Elshahbander titles, rights, interests or properties, members, customers, partners, or even any other Elshahbander site members or anyone else who could get harm by such activities.
Elshahbander also reserves the right to disclose the collected information as a response to a subpoena or other judicial order or, when Elshahbander believes that such disclosure is required by law, regulations, or administrative orders of any governmental or regulatory authority.

If Elshahbander believes that there is a member breaching the terms and conditions (or any other agreement with us), Elshahbander reserves the right to disclose the collected information to the public in order to pursue its claim or prevent any further harm to Elshahbander or others.

Changes Elshahbander made to Privacy Policy

Elshahbander always strives to provide the best services to its members while maintaining privacy. In order to ensure continuous protection of members’ privacy, this Privacy Policy is subject to amendments as and when needed.
In the case of amendments made to this Privacy Policy, this page and its privacy statement will be directly and immediately be updated with the most recent policies. The amended Privacy Policy will be effective and come into force upon its posting on the Elshahbander Privacy Policy page. Should the reader of this policy not agree with any item or amendment, please contact Elshahbander.

Elshahbander does not take responsibility for transactions, sales, buying, or payments for goods between its members. Elshahbander is a third party contact platform only.


Elshahbander is always keen to receive feedback from its members (including its Privacy Policy). Should there be any comments, suggestions, or even criticisms, please do not hesitate to contact Elshahbander immediately.


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