Why should I have a website?


Why should I have a website?

 Here are short articles about the importance of e-commerce:
El-Shahbander site is the first site in Egypt and the Middle East to serve workers in the textile industry, as the clothing industry is one of the industries with a large spread. You can register on our website for free so that many customers reach you
The online store helps you reach the potential customer who is actually looking for you, that is, he wants to buy and acquire any of your products, so the matter of increasing the sales of your business is guaranteed when selling through electronic stores, unlike trade on Facebook, whereas we mentioned, Facebook users prefer searching It’s more about entertainment and entertainment than looking for products. Making decisions like buying and paying money.
Knowing the buying behavior of the public:
When trading through the Facebook group, you do not have sufficient capabilities to study the buying behavior of your customers, especially because a large group of Facebook users may use incorrect data in their accounts, unlike registering users through your online store, it allows you to be aware of the data Necessary to study and analyze audience behavior such as gender, age, and social class, and from here you can learn a lot about the behavior of your audience and its use during marketing campaigns.

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